Linen + Flax Seed Heat Pack / Extra Long

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The natural way to provide comfort. 

A standard size heat pack just doesn't cut it when pregnant. This extra long pack is 60cm long and comes complete with its own 100% cotton carry bag. 

The 100% linen heat packs are filled with New Zealand grown flax seed and a subtle hint of dried lavender, with raw cotton handles. Designed to provide warm or cold relief for minor pain and swelling during pregnancy and post-partum. 

Handmade in New Zealand with natural materials, perfect for carpel tunnels, round ligament pain, aching muscles and can be used heated or cooled. With our easy to hold handles making wrapping heat around your lower back, shoulders and under your belly comfortable and manageable. 

Microwave ONLY for 120 seconds, further 30 seconds till you find the temp you like. Always add a cup of water in the microwave when heating. To cool, place in freezer for 1-2 hours.