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Homemade by Eleanor Ozich. 

Within the pages of Homemade you’ll find more than 80 clever, eco-conscious recipes for daily household goods - all incredibly easy to make at home!  It’s a book that covers all kinds of back-to-basic methods using simple, everyday ingredients that don’t cost the earth. 

Perhaps you might like to bake a wholesome loaf of almond bread, make your own super seeded crackers, learn the basics of culturing yoghurt, or be intrigued by rosemary-infused caramel sauce? More often than not, we buy these pre-made foods from the supermarket, without knowing how satisfyingly easy they are to make at home. However, once you have a go at making such basics from scratch, you’ll find they’re so much more delicious than the plastic-packaged counterparts.

Complementing these delicious, nourishing recipes, you'll also find methods for making your very own cleaning and beauty items, such as re-useable food wraps, cleaners, air fresheners, balms, hand scrubs and natural candles.

Honestly, you’ll begin to know these recipes off-by-heart, as they’re so easy to incorporate into your daily rhythms. You might even begin to notice your fridge and pantry shelves filling up, and then wonder how you ever cooked without these homemade basics.

Homemade is a fun, satisfying and delicious way to eat, and one that considers your health, and the environment, too. My hope is that you will use these recipes to inspire your very own colourful meals, while also bringing a new sense of passion and creativity to your kitchen.

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* 224 pages