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Glass Vase

Glass Vase

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From bottle to vase ~ Handcrafted elegant glassware, made from glass bottles.

Each individual glass & vase is truly unique with a perfectly smooth lip.

Cut and crafted by James Pierard glassier in Hawkes Bay. 

x1 vase ~ Made from a glass bottle. 

Approximately 9.5cm in height.




About James Perard ~

Frustrated with glass recycling being sent to landfill, in 2017 James started cutting bottles to make glassware for family and friends.

After many experiments, he found that common glass cutting methods and equipment resulted in inconsistent quality and a rough lip edge - horrible to drink from. He thought he could do better.

Since then, James has been perfecting the art of cold working glass. Developing his own equipment and a unique five-step process, to consistently achieve high-quality up-cycled glassware, with a perfectly smooth rounded lip.

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