Period Proof Underwear - Size XS

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Size extra small.

Medium absorbency period underwear - absorbs 2 regular tampons' or pads worth

AWWA period underwear's slim-line absorbent design uses the latest in innovative fabric technology, so you can revolutionise how you manage your period, or bladder leakage.  

Washable period underwear mean less 'single use' period product waste, and less monthly cost for you. Using a special super-effective absorbency layer, period underwear will keep you comfortable, fresh and dry.

How to Manage your Period with AWWA

  1. Wear your underwear for as long as you would normally wear 2 regular tampons or 2 pads.

  2. Rinse your underwear and throw in the washing machine with your ordinary clothes.

AWWA underwear is made true to size so your best bet is to use our size chart below and consider the size of underwear you currently wear. The most important measurement is your hips, as this is where the underwear sit.