About Us

"Quality over quantity" each piece is thoughtfully hand-picked with an emphasis on plastic free, ethically made, sustainably sourced and New Zealand made products.

A few years ago our family began a path to living a more sustainable life, living simply and being more aware of the impact we create. Becoming more mindful of everyday products and the overwhelming number of chemicals found in them. One of my first changes was tackling skincare. Slowly working through the house, room by room, decreasing plastic and making more mindful decisions when making a purchase.

And that is how Isla & Olive began, with my driving passion to find plastic free alternatives, simple and beautiful items to help reduce plastic waste. 

Since then I have slowly added other beautiful pieces for everyday living including; home ware, children's wooden toys + books and New Zealand made ceramics.

Leigh Rutherford


Store location: Aviary, 38 Childers Road, Gisborne, New Zealand