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Isla & Olive

Beeswax Block Crayons

Beeswax Block Crayons

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Unlock creative potential with Honeysticks Blocks! With their unique flat shape, Honeysticks Blocks enable little artists to explore artistic possibilities not possible with traditional tipped crayons. Draw, blend, shade and more! 

  • Unique block shapes to harness creative potential: Little creators can explore artistic possibilities beyond traditional tipped crayons with Honeysticks Blocks. Colour large areas; experiment with various drawing angles; shade and blend. Creative time has even more possibilities! 
  • Natural + food-grade ingredients: Handmade with love using 100% pure New Zealand beeswax. Non-toxic and safe for toddlers and children, with no paraffin wax or cheap fillers.  
  • 16 exciting colours: Get creative with 8 classic and 8 pastel shades to choose from. Our food-grade colours easily bond to paper, posters, or artboard.  
  • Perfect for both beginners and more experienced young artists: The size and flat shape of Honeysticks Blocks make them easier for small hands to hold and harder to break, making them great for beginner art projects. They are also perfect as the next stage in creative development for more experienced young artists. 
  • Long-lasting and durable: Honeysticks Blocks will withstand hours of colouring, shading, and rough handling. Each crayon is 4.7cm in height, 2.4cm in width and 1.2cm in depth. Packaged in a durable storage box for safekeeping. 
  • Crafted with love in Aotearoa, New Zealand: Designed by families, for families.  
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