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Abel Natural eau de Parfum / Pink Iris

Abel Natural eau de Parfum / Pink Iris

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Extracted by steam distillation from the white orange blossom flowers, real neroli is very rarely seen in modern perfumery. Pure and exquisite, honeyed and rich, but not sweet, it's an ingredient like no other.
The most technically challenging of the collection, Golden Neroli took many hundreds (perhaps thousands) of trials for perfumer Isaac Sinclair to perfect. The final perfume is made of a bouquet of crisp white florals, enhanced by the fresh green sparkle of matcha tea and a classic base of East Indian sandalwood.

Neroli was an ingredient founder Frances in particularly wished to work with. Pregnant at the time of developing this collection, she was drawn to the beauty in an almost addiction-like way. It was only after the launch that we noticed other pregnant women drawn in a similar way. It turns out that among other medicinal and beauty uses, neroli has a long history of use in reducing the symptoms associated with hormonal changes
in women.

The extremely rare neroli we source is steam distilled making it clean and rich, with just enough sweetness to make this beauty a bestseller.

Available sides / 15ml & 50ml 

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